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30 November 2015

4 fantastic reasons to visit our brand new careers website

There’s a lot happening here at Refresco as we work hard to realise our ambition of putting our drinks on every table. Yes, as ambitions go, it’s a big one. That’s why we’re always looking for more great people to come and work with us. And it’s why we’ve just launched our brand new careers website. But what’s so special about it? Why all the excitement?

1. A brand new look and feel? Let’s Go

We’ve given our new website a fresh new look and all-new content.  There’s new photography, featuring some of our people, and a bold new ‘Let’s Go’ message – which really captures our ambitious spirit and collective energy. 

 2. Our people are the stars

Who better to welcome you to our new careers website than the people who work here? Over four days, we took more than 1,500 shots of some 20 Refresco people, in everything from the labs to the server rooms to the walkways and gantries above our state-of-the-art plant and machinery.

3. A taste of what’s to come

See where you fit in in the Our Teams section. Read more about our departments, and hear what our people have to say about working for us – in their own words. The site will give you a real flavour for what makes it so rewarding, challenging and fulfilling to work here.

4. A great job just for you

Finding and applying for a job should be quick and simple – so that’s just how we’ve made it. If you’re ready to start searching, head to our job search now.   

Keen to have a look for yourself? Let’s Go!