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14 August 2017

Introducing: the Flavour Room

Here at Refresco, we’re always developing innovative concepts and products for the soft drinks market. Dedicated to staying one step ahead, our Innovation Team have been working hard over summer to set up our Flavour Room – a space dedicated to showcasing the latest trends in soft drinks. Last week, we revealed it to the rest of the Refresco team as we hosted an internal showcase of this exciting new space.

Made up of different areas, complete with atmospheric lighting, background music and product mock-ups, our Flavour Room is the perfect space to highlight new product trends, gaps in the current market and innovative flavours.

“I thought the innovation session was really well executed. Not only were we presented with some fabulous new products, but the theatre used in the dedicated Flavour Room really enhanced the experience. I think this is a model we should use going forward with all our key customers in order to showcase the fantastic products we continue to develop” Nick Hawkins, Head of Category

One of the trends we’re currently exploring in our Flavour Room is Ready to Drink (RTD) Teas, and here’s why:

  • The global RTD tea market reached 37 billion litres in 2016 – up 40% since 2011 and it is predicted to continue to grow
  • RTD teas are a ‘star performer’ in the beverage market, with an annual average growth rate of 7%
  • RTD teas are perceived as healthier options due to their antioxidant content, natural positioning and low sugar. Twenty-nine percent of consumers rate low sugar/sugar free attribute as a very important factor in purchasing decision

We’ve worked together with key flavour houses to develop some new and exciting flavour combinations and applications, and have complied an extensive library of new flavours and products.

It was a huge success internally – we hope our customers love it, too!

Have you got what it takes to add some flavour to our team? We’re always looking for new creative, passionate people to join us. Head over to the ‘Job Search’ page to find out more about our current opportunities.