Ryan Thorne - Power for people: increasing performance with prospects

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01 December 2015

Lead Operator Ryan tackles his work head on, taking Refresco's evolution in his stride to drive his team further. Ryan tells us how the recent merger has impacted him in a really positive way.

As a Lead Operator, I encourage excellence among employees. I do this by monitoring targets and matching the right people to the right tasks. Time management and organisation skills are key, as is a proactive approach to problem solving. My aim is to keep employees motivated with a positive attitude, which makes for a better performance on the factory floor and, in turn, improves product quality.

It's my responsibility to support Refresco's vision and ambition, and to inspire the employees to value them as well. We recognise the importance of investing in people internally, so we have an appraisal system in place and regular training sessions. For those who are driven, there are so many opportunities available that you can put yourself forward for.

I'm a prime example of the support Refresco offers its people, prior to the merger I was an Operator at Gerber for 11 years, when the Lead Operator role was introduced to the business this time last year, I went through a structured interview process and managed to get the job, which I started at the beginning of this year. Refresco have really acknowledged my potential by giving me the opportunity to cover the Area Manager role, they're getting me qualified for this by supporting my NVQ level 3 Management course. They even provided a tutor for that extra helping hand. I can say with confidence that there's a clear career path ahead of me now.

My favourite part? There's always something new to sink our teeth into. The market doesn't stay still, so we don't either. The business is constantly evolving, with brilliant technology and a can-do, hard-working attitude. I was attracted to this role because of the great atmosphere – it's a surprisingly social environment and the people really make it special.