How to get the most out of your apprenticeship

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29 June 2017

We talk to Jordan, one of our star apprentices, and his manager Gareth, for an interesting insight into apprenticeships at Refresco and how to make sure you get the most out of every opportunity. 

Jordan joined Refresco six years ago as a multi-skilled engineering apprentice. The five year course is initially focused on college learning with a couple of days at work and a couple of days learning each week. Jordan decided on an apprenticeship because it felt like a good path for the future. “I enjoyed the fact that I picked up skills for the future – not just work based specific skills, but communication skills, how to work with different people and so on,” says Jordan. “I was also offered the chance to do an engineering and electronics degree when I finished my apprenticeship, so the opportunities really are endless.”

Tailor your training to you

“I think it’s also important to remember that an apprenticeship is a personal progression, a development journey,” he continues. “So while there may be days when you get things wrong, you learn through your mistakes – it makes you better and stronger.” Indeed, Jordan believes that it’s important to keep focusing on the future and looking at what you want to get out of your apprenticeship. He found by his third year that he wanted to focus on site systems so he was then able to tailor his training so that everything he did was relevant to this specific area. “Start looking at your end goal and at what you need to achieve to get there. You need that to make sure you’re on track to achieve it and make the most of your apprenticeship,” says Jordan.

Accelerate your career

Gareth, Site Electronics Engineering Manager, is responsible for the apprentices at Refresco. He believes apprenticeships are an excellent career choice: “Five years seems like a long time, but that five years is valid and the base for the next 50! It’s such a valuable way of learning and developing yourself.” He goes on to explain that there’s a two tier system for apprentices at Refresco, that all depends on how well you do in your college studies. “If you excel,” he explains, “we accelerate you to do a foundation degree. And from there, the sky really is the limit, there’s so much more going on here than basic engineering.”

Gareth goes on to tell us that Jordan is currently working in a role that the company usually see people in their 40s working in. “My advice? Go for it. Don’t be content, think bigger than the next five years – it’s your career so make the most of it!”

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