Steve Rossiter - Happy people make a healthy business: Refresco's formula for success

categories: Business support

23 November 2015

Meet Steve, our Commercial Accountant. He takes pride in the support that's offered across the board, to customers and employees alike. Having worked here for nearly seven years, he gives some great insight into this exciting time at Refresco.

My role is to support our accounts and improve our customers' profits by supporting the Contract Packing team both in gaining and retaining business. By building relationships with customers and supporting the positive reputation that Refresco has, we help keep the business healthy. It's a win-win situation for us; our customers benefit from a great overall service, and employees have a secure workload that presents us all with greater opportunities.

I'm proud that we value each of our customers equally, regardless of their size. We play a crucial role for our smaller customers, so we make sure we give them the same care and attention as our large customers. I think it really makes Refresco stand out, as it could be easy for smaller accounts to be overshadowed by bigger ones, but this isn't the case at all here.

This attitude of equality towards our customers is also the approach taken towards employees. Refresco has proven that they will invest in their employees, which is shown by the appraisals, and opportunities such as training modules and workshops. We also get to self-identify how we would like to improve in the future. There are also opportunities to explore and learn about other departments – we'e not limited by our job descriptions.

Working at Refresco offers an informal, approachable environment which rewards a pro-active attitude. Coupled with the lovely countryside location, it's a winning combination.