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About us

We are Europe's leading producer of soft drinks and fruit juices for retailers and branded customers.

Here in the UK, we're the most successful producer of fruit juice drinks, producing over 650 million litres of juice every year. But we're ambitious for more. A lot more – as you'll see and hear throughout this website.

To give you an idea of the size and scale of our European operation:

  • We employ over 4,100 people in 9 countries
  • Head Office is in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • We serve an industry worth approximately 130 Billion Litres in size in Europe
  • 2014 volumes circa 6 billion litres
  • 2014 revenues of around €2 billion

Our history

In the UK, we started out as Gerber, a family business based in Somerset. In 2013 Gerber merged with Refresco, opening up a world of new opportunities.

Our business

Find out what makes us the market leader. Where did we start, how did we get where we are today? And importantly, what does the future hold?

Refresco Group

Here in the UK, we're well on track to produce one billion litres through our plant annually. And while we already have 27 factories in nine countries, we're actively looking to expand our operation overseas.

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